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A new life in a new city…

I just had my first appraisal at work and realized that time flew by for the past six months. After graduation, traveling around the US, I  found a job I am truly passionate about. And somehow, between all those "not always very special" moments after work I get situated in a new city and a home. Being a very open person and used to moving around on a regular basis, obviously made it easier for me to adjust to new situations and places. Every time I move to a new city and face different challenges I grow. I am very fortunate that I found work that is a lot more than enjoyable and even some people that I can call friends! 

I'll be at an event for work for Easter and will have a lovely dinner with my grandma afterwards. Of course I'll also visit my mom and think of my dad as he will have a (small!) surgery. 
I wish you all a happy Easter with your friends and family! 
xx Taty*


Setting a table… Creating a mood...

Last weekend we had the joy of hosting a little dinner party, or to be more precise, we cooked the main course during a "running dinner". The main idea behind this dinner, for which you have to travel from one apartment to the other in order to be fed, is to meet new people, see different apartments AND to EAT :) As we had no idea who will join us for our delicious risotto with asparagus topped with scampi, it was even more challenging to create the right mood for the meal. So we decided to invest in some fancy and witty napkins, beautiful flowers and kept the setting very simple and casual. Everyone should feel like they walked into a pleasant and clean place which is fancy enough to cherish the occasion, yet relaxed enough in order to make our guests feel like home. Although I am not a big fan of praising myself, our team decided that the setting for the main dish was the most welcoming and inviting. Although we only knew another for a few minutes, laughter filled our apartment :) 

Consequently I am sure the dream team called "Kitchen Friends" have the permission to share some tips for hosting a dinner :) Here our three tips for a perfect evening with friends or strangers! 

ONE - Keep it simple. 
One theme. One mood and a few basics to make the dining experience pleasant. Nobody wants to be confused by an army of silverware, glasses, colors and little bits and pieces on the table. Simplicity enables the people to focus on the two main aspects: Food and great conversation! 

TWO - Good vibes. 
Fitting music is so important when having people over. It shouldn't be too loud or too wild, yet it should set the tone for a nice mood. This time we chose Jack Johnson, which could have been too slow, however worked out perfectly for the relaxed and funny group of people we had over. 

THREE - Make an effort. 
I believe that the key aspect for making a nice dinner is the effort you put into it. People feel if you are excited about having them over as much as they recognize the little things that make a difference. Even though every course of the meal that we went to during the "Rudi Rocks - Running Dinner in Düsseldorf" differed tremendously, we always felt like the person "walked that extra mile" to make all of us feel comfortable. 

This event was super nice for "spicing up" the normal cooking routine. I pulled out my cooking books again, find myself more inspired to decorate our dining room up new or feel like hosting dinner parties more often again. W'll see if our three tips will be applicable for the future as much as they were for the past weekend! 


More eye candy from Italy

Gelato, gelato, gelato! It seemed like I lived off this delicious treat during my stay in Italy! The ice cream is seriously to die for! Not to mention that I am a real ice cream addict to begin with :) 

This weekend a friend came over to Düsseldorf and we had a super busy weekend. Zumba, lots of walks, participation at a "running dinner" called "Rudi Rocks", more walks and checking out some new cafés. Pictures and a detailed report will follow. 

I simply didn't want it to seem like I am close to living in Italy now :) It is still fun to re-live the vacation memories though. Here some highlights of our day in Vicenza! 

 Bringing spring to the streets with my new yellow pants from COS! 
 Blue, yellow and green impressions from the main piazza right next to the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza!
Worth the hike! Leave the car at home and walk up to the famous church Monte Berico. Nuns live right across from it and even sold some fresh olive oil. Although I have already been inside far too many churches, this one will always be in my Top 10. The architecture is simply stunning and especially during the hot summer months it is heavenly to be in side this very cool building and to think all things that are moving you at the moment. The view over the Vicenza is obviously also stunning! Especially when you are lucky like we were and you get to see the mountains! 


Walking in Vicenza

I keep looking at the pictures of my trip to Italy two weeks ago and simply have to share a few more impressions… It was simply the perfect trip and I can only recommend the route (starting in Vicenza, one day in Sirmione on Lake Garda, Venice, Soave and Verona - not to forget the BEST ice cream in the smallest town just a few minutes away from Vicenza called Montegaldella) 
 Vespas all over the place. Doesn't matter if is it a "real one" or not. You simply have to love them. 
 walk walk walk… Vicenza
 Self-made salad with sea fruits, hint of lemon and locally harvested olive oil. Heaven!
 Sirmione - enjoying the view and architecture which is definitely too stunning to be real! 
New favorite yellow pants and red Dorothy shoes …  


Mc Kinsey business after hours - sky office Düsseldorf

Last night it was time for some professional networking and learning more about the future of North Rhine Westfalia at the after business work hours from Mc Kinsey and the American Chamber of Commerce. The core group of the Rotaract Duesseldorf went and we certainly enjoyed the evening! 
The breathtaking view was only one highlight of joining an event on the 20th floor of the sky office!
Today we will have a model casting at work, so I pulled out the peep-toe heels to be on their eye level ��

Have a lovely day!